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In-water Open-water

My friend, study buddy and colleague, asked me to take a series of photographs at a triathlon indoor open-water practice session. It was held sunday the 14th of April. ┬áThe reason it was indoor is that the water is not yet quite warm enough for swimming here in Denmark, but the Triathlon club wanted to start the warm-up for the outdoor season. This was my first experience with photographing swimming, and my first ┬áreal experience with any sport photography for that matter. I think it went quite well and maybe I’ll be trying it out again this weekend, for the part 2 of the training.

Hope you’ll enjoy the pictures.

Kick Me

I was out on a little evening walk with my camera and my new lens – Canon 135L, Wow this is a great lens! – anyway here was this football laying near my home, probably owned by some local kid. At first I just walked by, but then I turned again and looked against the lowering sun, thought it looked pretty nice, hope you do to.

Kick me

The Birdhouse Skyscraper

A local school specialized for children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), have made this beautiful birdhouse-stand painted in saturated colors and decorated with branches. Each birdhouse has a little v/heart-shaped sign with the name of little artists who made it. I simply had to take some pictures of this colorful decoration.

The Clubsoda Tour of Mr. Orange

My original thought was to make some pictures of an orange in clubsoda, capturing all the small bubbles (As the first picture). But I simply couldn’t make it work the way I wanted, so instead I started dropping the orange in the glass. This is the result.

The lonely tree

On my way home from work, heavy clouds where moving i, I looked to the right and saw this view. I stopped the car and took the pictures.

Icy Stream

It have been snowing the last couple of days and I went out to do some long exposures with my newly purchased Lee Big Stopper filter. Last day I spotted a little stream nearby my home, so I thought I would try out some long exposures along the side of it.

My 2013 photo project

I have decided to make a photo project in 2013, where i will take pictures of trash in the nature, when i come across it. The project is called ‘Der er et yndigt land‘ which is the first line of the national anthem of Denmark. It means ‘There are a beautiful/lovely country’.

A shopping cart hidden away behind a scrub, accompanied by a bicycle.

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